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Body Confidence x Fabletics

Remember the other day when I promised I would hop up on my soap box about body confidence? Well, here I am.

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Some of y’all might already know, but I struggled with an ED for the majority of my college years – bleeding into young adult life in Dallas. An ED, or eating disorder, consumed me… my inner thoughts, my self worth, the way I looked at myself in the mirror.

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Here I am now, taking this mirror selfie in a sports bra, no shirt, feeling confident AF heading into the Zyn22 dome with 50 other beautiful & fit Dallasites (I mean have u seen West’ abs?!) 🔥

The funny thing is, on the scale, this is the heaviest I have been since pre-ED. Even my shorts that just last summer used to be loose are getting snug. BUT this is also the first time (tbh in my lifetime) that a friend has told me “yours abs are coming in!!” Basically what I’m saying is our bodies come in all shapes & all sizes. Sometimes the healthiest “you” isn’t the skinniest, isn’t wearing a size 6, isn’t throwing up the burger you decided to have for dinner. INSTEAD, the healthiest you is proud of your accomplishments, rocks clothes that make you feel hot, works hard to achieve goals, treats yourself to a burger cause why the hell not.

You are beautiful. You are powerful. You are more than a number on a freaking scale.

Thank you, Demi + Fabletics, for creating clothes that show off my hard work from my days in the dome & confidence to the world. I am so very proud to be #WorkingWithFabletics on this campaign.

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