Dallas Food As Of Lately

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, well first stop what you’re doing and CLICK HERE, but also you truly are missing out on some of the tastiest food places in Dallas. Here are a few of my favorite meals as of lately…

Crisp Salad Co has locations in both Lower Greenville and Shops at Park Lane. I always oder the Street Taco Salad (and by always I do mean that I have spent hundreds of dollars on this salad. PRO TIP- if you don’t want an ingredient that comes in the pre-made salad, you can make changes.


Pie Tap Pizza Workshop is located in the Knox-Henderson area, as well as Design District. Although I have only been in once- my life was changed. The pizza was crispy just the way I like it (haters gon hate). The service was a tad on the slow side, but nothing crazy considering I went right at the peak of lunch hour.


Harlowe MXM is in the heart of Deep Ellum. This burger was worth every penny and every calorie. I’ve had dreams about this burger, it was that damn good. Too bad I only got to eat half of it because Sarah and I were splitting our dinner after we ate ice-cream down the road.


Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers is a classic Dallas staple with multiple locations in the area- we might have just Favor’ed this to the apartment though… Stop judging us, okay. Sometimes you don’t want to leave your house for chicken and fries!





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