rolled ice cream in uptown dallas

Ice Ice Baby

When everyone knows that your favorite food is ice-cream, do you consider that a new high or new low? CLEARLY asking for a friend…

I’m on the hunt to try as many new ice-cream places in the DFW area as possible- so if you know of any that look delicious, or you’ve been to one that gives you chills just thinking about… holler at your girl! I would love your recommendations.

Speaking of recommendations, here are a few of mine as of recently…

Steel City Pops on Greenville is home to the tasty Peanut Butter Pie Pop (basically ice-cream) that I have EVER let my taste buds experience. I have these cravings for a cold peanut butter treat almost daily (heavy on the daily). The pops are a little pricey for it being a popsicle, but when you think about what you pay for an ice-cream cone other places, you’re basically robbing them because it’s so cheap. They have flavors of the month, different ways to dress up the pop- and even take home bags complete with little ice packs. PS- I think it would be the CUTEST DATE NIGHT EVER.

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Frost Gelato¬†on Walnut Hill and 75 was a hidden treasure. Not sure how I missed it after shopping at the TJs that it shares a parking lot with… but I did, and I’m sorry. Thank goodness it’s in my life now. The gelato is rich and smooth- and they have TONS of flavors to choose from. Be sure to check it out next time you go to North Dallas (ish).


I CE NYC¬†recently opened up in Uptown. I went from never trying rolled ice-cream, to trying it back to back nights. But who’s complaining? Not me! This is the S’mores recipe- it had just enough of each unique flavor to taste like heaven in my mouth. I really want to try their cookie butter flavor, but I’ll keep you posted when I get around to it.

rolled ice cream in uptown dallas


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