as told by Casey


Writing used to be my safe place, ironic, right? Writing and posting about it for everyone in the universe to read sounds really safe (stop right there, I’m not that cocky.. clearly not everyone in the universe reads what I write, only half the universe…jk jk I’ll stop now).

Since this whole relationship thing has gotten more serious, I’ve found myself writing less and less. Don’t get me wrong, Austin by no means stops me from writing, but he does stop the creative juices. It’s not his fault, per-say, rather it’s the relationship. Instead of holding my emotions in and eventually bursting into tears over my keyboard, I’ve starting to talk about things as they happen (weird, right?!). I guess that’s what adults do when they’re upset about things….

I didn’t realize how much of my writing stemmed from being an emotional nutcase that held onto every little thing, until today.

It hit me out of nowhere that I have neglected writing, the true reason I started blogging in the first place. I’ve been focusing my time on experiencing new things, working my ass off for my clients, taking and editing photos… but haven’t written a personal post in nearly 2 months. I wish I could blame it on being busy with other things, but that excuse dies now. It’s time to own it and grow up as a person and a writer. After all, I want this to be my career and no one wants to wait for me to get emo for a post to read….

So, this is me, holding myself accountable to create content and continue to share without having mental breakdowns to spark my creativity.

PS- please hold all judgement of the completely un-related photo… I’ve been wanting an excuse to use it and this is as good as it gets.


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