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20 Milestones For Your Mid-20s That Aren’t Getting Married

  1. Putting Effort Into Relationships Seems simple, right? Spend time with the people that are important to you- and if you can’t physically spend time with them, make it a priority to stay in contact with them. And I don’t just mean hitting “like” on their Instagram post…
  2. Teaching Someone Something New We’re all great at things and clueless at something else. Take the time to teach someone- a friend, colleague, 15 year old waitress at your favorite lunch spot- you never know what skills or life lessons you have that they’re lacking.
  3. Building A Home Hold your horses, I’m not telling you to spend a huge chunk of change and build a brand new house. What I am telling you to do is to build “home” wherever you are. The city you live in, the people you live with, the places you spend your time… invest your time and energy into making the place you live a home.
  4. Owning Up To Your Mistakes Yikes, this is a big one. Learning to not only apologize, but acknowledge that you did something wrong without making an excuse about why it happened.
  5. Finishing Something You Started Don’t start something and leave it there, dangling in front of you, telling you that you can’t accomplish things.
  6. Learning To Laugh At Yourself Please do this. Pretty please. It makes growing up so much easier. No one cares that you just fell down, or said the wrong word. Own it. Laugh. Move On.
  7. Growing Your Savings You’re done with college (probably still paying for college) and working in the real world. There is no time like the present to sit down and make a budget that includes a portion of each paycheck going into a savings account.
  8. Asking For Help You aren’t perfect, it’s okay to not be perfect.
  9. Finding Life Long Friends We’re talking friends you want to sit around eating breakfast with in 20 years, not the friend who will party with you until 5am. Spend time getting to know people and if you don’t mesh on a personal level, on to the next.
  10. Learning To Say No This can be tricky, but once you’ve mastered this, you’re set for life. Just because a day on your calendar is empty, it doesn’t mean you have to make plans…
  11. Discovering Your Passion Try new things, even just for the heck of it. Cliche as it might sound, you never know what random “hell, why not” activity will lead you to a lifetime of stress relief and smiles.
  12. Making Peace With Your Body If you’ve never had a thigh gap, chances are as you get older you won’t get one. If you’ve always had blue eyes, chances are they aren’t turning green anytime soon. Stay active and keep up with a good hygiene routine, but don’t spend your energy dwelling on things that won’t change.
  13. Letting People Go Negative energy = not needing in your life.
  14. Becoming Less Passive Still trying to figure this one out… so if you have any tips, lmk so I can hit the milestone sooner rather than later.
  15. Realizing What You Don’t Want In A Partner Y’all, dating is meant to help you in the long run. Not everyone person you flirt with is going to be your future spouse. Get to know people and learn what things you can and can’t put up with. Discover what the “perfect” match is by going through the not-so-perfect matches first.
  16. Pulling An All Nighter- Not To Study Have a little fun in life, after-all, you’re in your 20s. Go out with your friends until early hours of the morning and then head over to iHop for pancakes and conversation. Who knows then it will be your last chance…
  17. Networking Your Ass Off I REPEAT, NETWORKING. N-E-TWORKING. So many doors open up because of who you know and how well you’re connected. You never know which person might be a friend of a friend that helps land you your dream job in 5 years or introduces you to your new best friend at a happy hour. Network. Learn to small talk- and not just about the weather.
  18. Being Kind Don’t take people for granted and treat them with respect. No one cares about the popular lunch table or who’s getting invited to what frat party. Be nice to everyone you meet, you don’t know their story.
  19. Changing A Tire Sounds dirty, right? Worth it though. It’s a big “check mark” in the growing up column.
  20. Deciding To Make The Most Out of Your 20s Don’t dwell on the past or get too caught up in the future. Live here and live now.

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