Josh Abbott Band – CONTEST!

  I can't think of a better way to spend a fall evening than listening to some Texas country, drinking a cold beer (or cider if you're like me) and hanging out with your friends in the heart of Dallas! Thank goodness for Josh Abbott Band next week! He'll be at The Rustic for not… Continue reading Josh Abbott Band – CONTEST!


Bold Necklaces & Bolder Brows

I’m the first to admit I can be a lazy SOB when it comes to accessorizing. Granted, it comes in waves, but the wave I’m riding right now is my throw on a choker and call it a day. Maybe leave a Kendra Scott piece on if I’m feeling fancy. But I couldn’t resist this… Continue reading Bold Necklaces & Bolder Brows

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Organic Skin Care

"Noruz ( no-rooz) means new day in Persian. Today is a new day and today you can change the mistakes you did in the past with your skin, using noruz." Anyone who is close to me understands how terribly picky  I can be when it comes to my face products. I've gone from oily to… Continue reading Organic Skin Care


Bold Lips & Grungy Vibes #OOTD

With fall being only a few days away, it's time to start thinking about slight wardrobe changes. Luckily for us Texans, the weather won't be a factor in our outfit choices just yet... Although layering is cute year round, I think the fall is the perfect time to experiment with it. Vests ranging from light… Continue reading Bold Lips & Grungy Vibes #OOTD