as told by Casey, Streets (of Dallas)

Body Confidence x Fabletics

Remember the other day when I promised I would hop up on my soap box about body confidence? Well, here I am. Some of y'all might already know, but I struggled with an ED for the majority of my college years - bleeding into young adult life in Dallas. An ED, or eating disorder, consumed… Continue reading Body Confidence x Fabletics

as told by Casey, Streets (of Dallas)

Becoming A Statistic

As previously seen on  Everyone thinks “that can’t happen to me”, but how often do you become what you think is impossible? If the answer is once, twice, or three hundred times, it doesn’t matter, because you became part of the statistic. Rewind a little over 10 years ago, I was in 4th grade.… Continue reading Becoming A Statistic

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Kick Ass in Spin Class

Zyn22, you got me, you got me real good. Thanks to your amazing customer service & deep rooted belief in the Zyn way, I have been sold and now understand why my friends go many times a week. It’s a damn good workout with the right instructor. In case y’all didn’t read my post last… Continue reading Kick Ass in Spin Class

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Spin, Baby, Spin

So, I took a cycle class the other day and by a cycle class, I actually mean I have now gone to three in the past two weeks. Holy cow, right?! I’m not quite sure who I am or when I decided to become a cycler, but I was intrigued when all of my friends… Continue reading Spin, Baby, Spin


Fierce, Fit & Fabulous: How to Make the Most of 22

22. Have a dance parties when you’re stuck in traffic  You know that silly quote “dance like no one’s watching, sing like no one’s listening”, well take that literally. Instead of getting stressed out while you hang out in stand still traffic, blast your favorite song (personal go-to T Swiz Blank Space) and jam. 21.… Continue reading Fierce, Fit & Fabulous: How to Make the Most of 22