Aloha, Plano

Legacy West is the home to new Tommy Bahama bar/restaurant- and of course store. Although I haven't had a chance to shop (YET), we browsed the store and fell in love with everything. There are your typical tropical prints and a hint of home with the Dallas Cowboys line. We tried a few cocktails- the… Continue reading Aloha, Plano

dallas love list - sarah webb- casey walker

Ramen That’s Uncommon

TG for friends like Sarah who let me be their +1 to amazing dinners. You have got to try the Yucca Chips. I was a little hesitant about them at first, but life has been changed for the better. We came for the Uncommon Ramen, so of course I can't leave y'all hanging. Seafood +… Continue reading Ramen That’s Uncommon

Streets (of Dallas)

Meet My Neighborhood: Deep Ellum

Dallas has the most special place in my heart. I took the plunge as a fresh college graduate from TCU and moved to the Big D! I wanted to go everywhere except stay in DFW, but somehow ended up moving here- and never leaving. I'm Casey- a young professional living in Dallas (sorry for stating… Continue reading Meet My Neighborhood: Deep Ellum

picnic at uptown dallas hot spot

Savor Summer with a Picnic

Summer is slowly winding down and patio weather is back in fashion, which also means patio crowds are in full force. The Rustic is offering you a way to avoid the hassle of waiting for a table by taking your meal to the lawn for a good ole fashion picnic. Maybe you’re not dining at… Continue reading Savor Summer with a Picnic


New Snuffers, Same Great Taste

Plano pals! A brand new Snuffers has opened up at 4901 W. Park Boulevard. If you've never been to Snuffers, you're missing out on way more than simply a tasty burger... We started off with the Fried Pickles... pretty positive I could have eaten the entire table serving, but I tried to hold off knowing… Continue reading New Snuffers, Same Great Taste