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Carrie Questions: Still Unanswered

Let me preface this by saying I've been binge watching the hell outta Sex and the City. You've been warned and have every right to stop reading while you're ahead. How is it that every episode Carrie is diving into topics that are still completely and totally relatable today in 2016? Have we not learned… Continue reading Carrie Questions: Still Unanswered


16 Things To Stop Worrying About This Year

Saving money. Put away what you can every paycheck. Maybe it’s $10 this week, but next time it’s $100. Every little bit helps. Being single. Do you really want to put someone else before you right now? Enjoy the freedom. Enjoy being you. The right person will come along. Looking put together. Come on, who… Continue reading 16 Things To Stop Worrying About This Year


5 Things Driven Gals Dig

It seems that the harder a gal works in the real world, the less likely she is to have a boyfriend. Her goals keep her away from the messy, time-consuming dating world. She focuses her energy on reaching career and life goals. Working hard and taking no prisoners. But deep down, there's something real  that… Continue reading 5 Things Driven Gals Dig


it’s okay to not be okay

Out of left field, it hits you. You're in pain. You're stressed. Going about normal, mundane tasks takes a toll on you. You have to give yourself a pep talk just to make it out the door in the morning. It becomes the norm to force a smile and have pleasant conversation with people. Hiding the… Continue reading it’s okay to not be okay