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Hot Songs, Cold Hearts: Cool Girl

Women in music. Women in relationships. Women everywhere. Listen up. Shit, guys, y'all listen too while we're at it. I wanna talk about 3 songs with you this week, the first being Tove Lo's new single.. Cool Girl.  We live in a society today where relationships aren't labeled- the reasoning behind this is can be… Continue reading Hot Songs, Cold Hearts: Cool Girl


12 Days of Texting

Waiting for a text to come through. A call to buzz. A Snapchat to bing. It's honestly one of the most terrifying, modern day, first world problems a single girl has to deal with. The sad reality is... dudes don't get it. Something in their brains isn't wired the way it is for girls. At the… Continue reading 12 Days of Texting


5 Things Driven Gals Dig

It seems that the harder a gal works in the real world, the less likely she is to have a boyfriend. Her goals keep her away from the messy, time-consuming dating world. She focuses her energy on reaching career and life goals. Working hard and taking no prisoners. But deep down, there's something real  that… Continue reading 5 Things Driven Gals Dig


The ‘Almost Breakup’ Limbo

Dating ends in one of two ways: you break up or you get married. That’s the simple fact. So to everyone who chooses to date, you deserve a real big high five for putting yourself out there, setting yourself up for heartache and hopefully coming out a stronger person with some lessons learned. Unfortunately, so… Continue reading The ‘Almost Breakup’ Limbo