What I’m Craving {10.29}

The birthday excitement continues as I crave more fabulous finds today! Check 'em out! Laugh all you want, but my cords keep going MIA and I could always use another iPhone cord! Unfortunately my Converse I got for my 12th birthday have finally became unwearable. You can never have too many plaid tops, #AMIRIGHT? Want… Continue reading What I’m Craving {10.29}


Take The Crown, KC

It's finally here. For the first time in my lifetime the Kansas City Royals are playing in the WORLD freakin' SERIES. In honor of tonight's game... Here are a few things I've found on the web that make my heart happy. An Open Letter to Kansas City // Party at Paul Rudd's Mom's House! // Emotional Win // Fan Uses Finny's… Continue reading Take The Crown, KC

Dallas, Yum

#SMUHateWeek bites

An 11am kickoff means 2 things.... 1) BREAKFAST! 2) Early to bed on Friday! Let's focus on the positive of the two (breakfast, for those of you who couldn't figure that one out...). Horned Frog Breakfast aka Eat-Calories-to-Assist-with-Alcohol-Consumption-and-Not-Blacking-Out Breakfast Pony Down Fruit Salad // Soak watermelon, grapes, strawberries & pineapple in alcohol of choice. Let soak… Continue reading #SMUHateWeek bites