13 Curvy Jean Skirt Outfit Ideas You’ll Love

Insert cheesy paragraph about how jean skirts have been one of my life long true loves… But seriously, the love for jean skirt goes deep.

So many of my favorite fashion memories include jean skirt outfits, so it’s not shock that I am loving the resurgence of the denim mini.

Here you’ll find some of my favorite jean skirt outfit ideas to inspire you!

Jean Skirt with Lacey Bodysuit + Boots

I love wearing this bra sized bodysuit with different bottoms, especially jean skirts!  If you have a lacey bodysuit in your closet, you can get the same look.

Statement Jean Skirt Outfit

Another great concert, event, date night or girls night outfit idea with a jean mini skirt. Pair a statement top with a bold boot to elevate the jean skirt outfit.

Casual Jean Skirt Outfit

Grab your favorite graphic tee and sneakers from your closet. I love the look of a platform Converse to mix things up from my typical white sneakers.

Jean Skirt Sandwich

I love how the top and boots frame this outfit! Whether you opt for a loose top, suit vest, tank top, etc, you can create this look by keeping your top and boots the same color.

Game Day Boots and Jean Skirt Outfit

If you’re comfortable wearing a skirt to game day, do it! There are endless ways to make the outfits different while wearing very similar pieces from your closet.

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