Best Plus Size One Pieces from


I have been trying as many plus size one pieces from Amazon as I can, well within reason. There were some plus size Amazon swimsuits that had terrible reviews, so I stayed away from those. This post will take you from affordable Amazon plus size swimsuits under $40, to some high quality one pieces at a bit higher price point but can be found on Amazon.

Best Plus Sized One Pieces from Amazon


Daci Plus Size Cutout One Piece Swimsuit Monokini

This neon plus size Amazon one piece works pretty well for my larger chest! When I originally tried it on, it made me a little bit nervous that I might spill out. Then I wore it around a resort and had no issues, big win in my book! Finding cute swimsuits with a cut out like this one can be tricky when you have a fuller bust. I have a longer torso and this one works for me, but I would say if I had any longer of a torso it would have felt too snug in the length. When I placed my order, I thought it would be a bit more true red, but it is more of a neon orange-red in person.

Yonique Women Lace Up Plus Size One Piece Swimsuit

Can you even with this hot pink one piece from Amazon?! It is possibly my favorite of all the affordable Amazon plus size swimsuits. The top fits like a bralette/sports bra which offers great coverage for big boobs. You do get a bit of a uniboob with this style, but I found my chest to natural stay apart when I wore it all day at a resort. The adjustable straps are pretty thick and comfy. There is full coverage for both the chest and booty. The straps on the bottom half of this one piece did not dig into my sides and are a fun detail!

Holipick Sexy One Piece Criss Cross Monokini Swimwear

This one piece swimsuit from Amazon is so dreamy! I absolutely adore the color of orange (and for those who aren’t a fan, there are other colors to choose from!). The side detail on this one piece is flirty and fun! It’s a bit cheeky, but I personally love the cut on my booty and hips. There is light support for the breasts and plenty of coverage. Note, this swimsuit doesn’t have a full range in plus sizes, but I did want to include for those in the 14-18 ish range.

Holipick Women High Neck Mesh Open Back Swimsuit

I have this affordable one piece in white and it would be perfect for a bride to be! I love the mesh detailing on the front and the fairly open back. There is enough coverage for my boobs and the mesh shows a bit of the cleavage in a supportive but flirty way. Speaking of the mesh, I have not swam in this swimsuit but I have jumped and lightly jogged, my boobs didn’t fall into the mesh part. Once I swim in this one, I will update the review accordingly! The booty coverage is a pretty cheeky for me, but nothing too wild. Downside on this one is that it is only available up to XXL which is around an 18.

Hilor Women’s One Piece Swimwear Front Crossover Swimsuits

This fun black criss cross swimsuit is a best selling affordable Amazon plus size swimsuit and started out as a maybe for me. After testing it out a bit more, it’s now moved up to a “keeper” status, but I still won’t say it’s my overall favorite. The one piece swimsuit has pretty good booty coverage, comfy fabric and there is enough boob coverage for me, but I get a bit of uniboob with it. If I raise the boobs up for some lift, they start to peak out just a smidge on the side. I did realize if I wear it a tiny bit higher on my hips, the big boobs don’t try to sneak out!

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