Best Boudoir Photographer

in Dallas

Ready to schedule your first Boudoir photoshoot but looking for the best boudoir photographer in Dallas? I have found the most reliable and photo worthy boudoir studio in Dallas that is worth checking out!

I recently visited the Vixen Society in Dallas, Texas and I can honestly say, they offer an amazing boudoir photography experience!

Everything you need to make the photoshoot happen is located inside of the studio. From a massive lingerie closet, to hair and make up, to multiple set ups, it’s all right there.

Their lingerie closet is AMAZING! There are over 1,600 pieces in this massive lingerie closet. It’s truly insane and I wanted to play dress up in it all day.

In the closet you can find accessories, shoes and lingerie outfits. The accessories range from earrings and bracelets to leashes, collars, handcuffs and other sensual accessories.

You’ll find lingerie of all different styles in the closet ranging in sizes XS-5X. They’ve got corsets, bodysuits, leather, lace, mesh, garters, stockings, spanking skirts, extravagant robes and so much more.

The Vixen Society has two of the best artists in DFW on staff to do your hair and makeup on the day of your boudoir shoot. I worked with LaDonna Stein, and it was a dream!

Once it’s time for the photos to start rolling, you’re in good hands. Both Tamara and Emma, The Vixen Society boudoir photographers, are classically trained in fine art nudes.

The Vixen Society also does minimal retouching to your images. This is important for me to call out because I’m a big believer that we don’t need to retouch our bodies and they are wonderful exactly as they are.

"It was truly one of the most empowering and freeing experiences of my life. I’ve spent so much of my life being critical of my body and trying to shrink it, this allowed me to take up space. This allowed me to embrace my body exactly as it is now. I felt sexy and I felt powerful."

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