Welcome Bag Ideas for a Destination



A wedding welcome bag is one of the first ways to greet your guests that travel for your destination wedding. It’s the perfect way to say “thank you for being here” and kick off the trip on a great foot.

What to Put in Welcome Bags for a Destination Wedding


We purchased our custom tumblrs from Courtney Tayler. You can DM her to get a quote and place an order. We went with the color that best fit our wedding theme, but there are many variations!


One of the most important things in our destination wedding welcome bags was the Liquid I.V. Between the heat of the beach, the way travel dehydrates you, drinking, etc, the extra hydration was needed! Use this code to save you some money: STREETSBEATSEATS.

Liquid I.V.

My husband and I first tried Party Patch at another wedding and it was the best hangover prevention product we had ever tried! We keep our house stocked with Party Patch, so of course it had to make it into the wedding welcome bags!

Party Patch

We did Megababe Thigh Rescue minis in our destination wedding welcome bags to help prevent chafing (and pain) from happening. I also have a Megababe discount code to save you some money: CASEYMEGA15.


Not only is Advil great for hangovers, but it can also come in handy throughout a destination wedding trip for injuries, caffeine or dehydration headaches, soreness form travel, etc. We ordered Advil packets from Amazon.


We used a wet swimsuit bag for the actual “bag” part of our DIY destination wedding gift bag for wedding guests. I’m not sure if you can still find at Target because it was a dollar section find.

Wet Swimsuit Bag

Whether you go Tic Tac, Life Savers, or another brand, I encourage you to go with mints over gum. A lot of people already travel with gum because of flying… plus mints won’t melt on ya!

Breath Mints

You don’t have to get something fancy, but I do think chapstick is a great addition for your DIY destination wedding gift bag for wedding guests. We ordered from Amazon in bulk to keep the cost down.


I know during Covid times, this is probably assumed to mean a facial covering (which is another great idea to include), but I actually mean the beauty kind. We included one of my favorite sheet masks from Amazon in our destination wedding welcome bags.

Face Mask

These were a great way for the ladies to get a little day of wedding de-puff + refresh in, on us. Although Tula Eye Gels are some of my personal favorites, but there are other brands you can order from Amazon for a lower price point.

Eye Mask

Along the same lines as Advil, Band Aids are a great thing to include in your bags! You never know who might get a blister or small injury. We bought waterproof band aids knowing everyone would be in the pool/ocean.

Band Aids

We added Shout Wipes to our list after I discovered how useful they were … I’m not the cleanest person, and I spilled on a white dress. The Shout Wipes saved the day- and the dress.

Shout Wipes

With a hot destination, we decided to include Hustle Clean Body Wipes as a quick clean/refresher for our guests. Hustle Clean has both body and face wipes available.

Hustle Clean Body Wipes

This is one of the few items that we didn’t include that I had regrets about. It was a little out of budget for us, but as much as I used my own handheld portable fan from Amazon, it would have been a great addition.

Handheld Portable Fans

One other item I wished we would have included in our wedding welcome bags. I didn’t have the idea until we were already in Cabo… So hopefully someone else can take this idea and have fun with it!

Disposable Cameras

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