Best Boob Tape for Wedding


After much testing before my wedding, I found the BEST boob tape for wedding dressed that is hidden well and supports your breasts exceptionally well. Here is all you need to know about the best breast tape for your wedding day!

All About Brassy Bra Boob Tape


Brassy Bra is what I used on my wedding day because I have the most trust in it!  The tape stayed up all day throughout the sweat, the dancing, etc.

I use the bra/teardrop shape tape for the majority of the support. Note, I am a 36J UK bra size and use the DD/DDD option.

Honestly, the fact that Brassy Bra has pre cut tape makes it so much easier to apply. But, you can also cut the tape to work for you if needed!

If you just want to quickly shop, Brassy Bra is available online at Nordstrom, HSN and Bare Necessities.

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