Best Places to Eat in Dallas Fort Worth for Every Occasion

Sharing this list of best places to eat in Dallas Fort Worth for different occasions to help make it easier next time someone goes “where should we eat tonight?”.

Whether you are looking to order pizza in, making plans for a group dinner or just craving some chips and salsa, this list is sure to help you figure out where to eat in Dallas Fort Worth.

So I am sharing some of my favorite restaurants in Dallas Fort Worth for every occasion!

Zalat Pizza

We have recently become a big Zalat Pizza household. If you want a recommendation on what to order, I’ve been really digging the Nashville Hot Chicken and Pickles.

Ferris Wheelers

This earns a spot as a favorite BBQ spot in DFW for me because of the entire experience. It’s a great BBQ spot to visit if you want to enjoy some sunshine and tasty bites.

Tongue in Cheek

Located in Richardson and Plano. They offer hard scooped ice cream made in house, ice cream pies, ice cream cakes and milk shakes.

Otto’s Coffee

Otto’s is one of my favorite coffee shops in Dallas because it’s got a very chic and calming interior, great coffee and incredible pastries.

Box Garden

The much anticipated Box Garden is finally open! Live music and strong drinks, a great atmosphere… and in the middle of one of the hottest suburban spots.

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