Crack Corn Dip Recipe

Y’all, this Crack Corn Dip Recipe is the tastiest dip you could possibly bring to a get together!

Whether you’re planning for the Super Bowl Watch Party, a tailgate, or a game night with friends, this recipe is what you must bring.

Did I mention it’s an easy appetizer to make? Very quick prep time, which is huge in my book. This recipe can be adjusted as needed for taste.

Corn Dip Ingredients

–  Cans of Corn –  Mayo –  Sour Cream –  Shredded Cheese –  Can of Rotel

Step One

Add corn into large bowl.

Step Two

Add mayo and sour cream.

Step Three

Add the shredded cheese and can of Rotel. Then mix all together.

Step Four

Serve with tortilla chips… I like scoops!

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