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Wondering if Equilibria CBD products actually work? If they are quality made? How they work? Here is the best review of Equilibria CBD products that is not sponsored and unbiased.

Thorough Review of Equilibria CBD


Daily Soft Gels: The soft gels are my CBD product of choice. I find them easy to remember to take, which might not sound like a big selling point but I am crazy forgetful. I can easily put these in my weekly pill organizer and take with my other morning pills.


Daily Drops: I personally do not like the Daily Drops. I tried to use the Daily Drops when I was first introduced to the brand, but I couldn’t ever get the CBD oil to fully absorb before it was a puddle of drool mixed with the CBD.


Rapid Calming Melts: Rapid Calming Melts are a newer Eq CBD product. I personally haven’t noticed big differences in using them.


Mindful Mineral Soak:The EQ bath products are probably my favorite of the bunch, I just wish the price was a bit lower. I tend to lean more towards the salt purely because of the price point. 


Relief Balm: The Relief Balm has been really helpful for me after working out and with tender muscles.


Your Balance Bath Bomb order isn’t cheap… but you do get 4 luxurious bath bombs for $45, and they work wonderfully.


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