How to Shop for Engagement Rings for

Big Fingers

Shopping for an engagement rings for my size 10 fingers was exhausting and I hope this guide helps you find the right engagement ring for you!

Have you found that shopping for an engagement ring for your size 10 finger is nearly impossible?

While I was shopping, I was told I'd have to pretend with mens bands to get a feel for what the rings would really look like.

All I wanted was to be able to try on engagement rings and see how they would really look on my big fingers.

We finally found a store that promoted a 3D holographic way to try on rings in Dallas.

Unfortunately, the machine was down so I had to still shop for my engagement ring without actually trying them on. 

If you're able to find a store near you that offers the 3D holographic sizing option, definitely go with that!

Ring companies need to do better. There is actually a movement right now called #AllHandsAreGoodHands for this.

The mission is to start showing off the nails and rings of women with big fingers to give some inspo for what is lacking out there currently.

Follow the hashtag on Instagram to find plenty of inspiration for your own engagement ring (and even wedding nail design)!

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