How to Stay Warm During a

Football Game

If you find yourself tailgating in the chilly weather this fall/winter, I hope these 10 tips for staying warm during a football game help you survive!

1. Hand and Foot Warmers

First on your prep list: buy hand and foot warmers, then buy some more. You can never have too many in your bag, trust me.

2. Stocking Cap

Hopefully this goes without saying, but don’t forget a warm hat during the cold games, your ears will thank you!

3. Hoodeez

YOU GUYS OMG. YOU NEED THIS FOR COLD FOOTBALL GAMES. Or even cold days when you’re hanging out at home.

4. Wool Socks

I’m a big fan of layering socks for cold games… but if I wear a good pair of wool socks, I don’t have to layer as much.

5. Gloves and Scarves

I feel like these should go without saying… but for cold football games you should absolutely plan to have gloves and a scarf!

6. Removable Layers

Just in case it starts to warm up (you know, tailgating at 9am and a game at 2pm can be different temps), wear layers! Think jacket or hoodie under a larger jacket on really cold football game days.

7. Portable Phone Charger

A dead phone is a terrible phone. Bring a portable phone charger with you in your bag!!

8. Chapstick

Cold weather = dry lips! Be ready for chapped lips and bring chapstick to the game!

9. Tissues

Speaking of dryness… runny noses are part of the cold weather and not part of the fun. Bring some tissues with you into the game to be prepared, and everyone’s favorite person.

10. Stadium Approved Bag

Well obviously not everything you need to bring with you to a cold football game is going to fit in your pocket, so make sure you find a stadium approved bag to carry it in!

For a list of stadium approved bags, swipe up!