Ideas for Your Wedding Party Proposals

I’m not sure how long wedding party proposals have been the trend… I asked my mom how she asked her bridesmaids, and it wasn’t quite as elaborate of what you hear people doing nowadays.

I know creative bridesmaid proposals (and groomsmen proposals) aren’t for everyone, but if you like gift giving, you’ll enjoy this!

There are tons of ways to ask your friends to be in your wedding party, but here’s how I did mine!

Bridesmaid Proposals

I did a bit of a combination of pre-made boxes from a local Dallas small business + a few hand picked additions for my gals.

MOH and Bridesmaid Proposal Cards

My favorite part of all of our wedding party proposals… the cards (act surprised card and the sister card)! We got all of the cards from Etsy.

Groomsmen Proposals

The gifts were for each of their personalities. We ordered both the personalized cigar box and personalized flask from Etsy.

Groomsmen Proposal Card

This card felt very fitting for the groomsmen and best man proposal gifts!

Officiant Proposal

I know not everyone is going to need to do an officiant proposal, but if you are, you can keep it simple by making it an extension of the other bridal party proposals.

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