My Favorite Swimsuit Brands for (Really) Big Busts

As someone who wears a 36M US/36J UK bra, I know the challenges that come with finding brands that carry swimsuits for really big busts.

For most of my life I struggled to find great swimsuits for big busts, and I am so grateful that more options are available to us these days!

So here are my favorite swimsuits, swimsuit brands and general places to shop for swimsuits for large breasts. You’ll find an array of styles and different price points.


I have found this to be a swimsuit brand that carries swimsuits for really large busts! Not only do I get support for my chest, but my stomach gets a real nice hug with these swimsuits.


They are a go to for me when it comes to swimsuits for big busts! The swimsuits that are visible underwire like this pink halter top usually run true to size.


I love a sassy swimsuit for big boobs, and Freya fits the bill! They have so many adorable options for bikinis, tankinis and one pieces for big boobs.


Whether you are looking for bikinis or one pieces, Elomi is a brand that has you covered with high quality swimsuits for really big busts.

Kitty and Vibe

I love that they are a brand built on self love, inclusivity and sustainability. The plunge bikini top and scoop neck bikini are my personal favorites!

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