Tips for Finding Your Correct

Bra Size

Struggling to find your true bra size? Here are some tips for finding your correct bra size!

Remember, a fitting is not a one-and-done, plan on going 1-2x a year. Bra sizes change, just like the rest of your body.

Store fittings are best! Remember, these are trained professionals who see breasts all the time, so there's no need to be embarrassed!

You want to have an in-store bra fitting at a location where the fitters are well trained in helping you find the correct bra size and not just pushing you to buy a size the retailer carries.

I personally suggest going to Nordstrom or a local specialty lingerie shop. If you’re in the DFW or Austin, Texas area, Petticoatfair is a great option.

Speaking of bra fittings in store, keep in mind you don’t have to purchase a bra on the spot in a fitting.

It’s okay if you need to wait for the bra to go on sale, add it to your Christmas wish list, etc.

Please avoid chain bra stores such as Victoria Secret, Soma, Torrid, Cacique, etc.

I went to one of those stores a few years ago and two different locations gave me completely different sizes. I do not recommend!

If you don’t have access to proper in-store bra fittings, you have a few options to find your correct bra size from the comfort of your home.

But please keep in mind that finding the correct bra size is not quite as simple as grabbing a measuring tape and doing some quick math.

It’s important to remember that the shape plays a roll in the fit, and not every brand’s sizing runs the exact same, which are both reasons it’s helpful to try things on in person or work with a fitter virtually.

I can personally vouch for Nordstrom and Bravissimo’s online bra fittings. I found both experiences to be very helpful in finding a properly fitting bra and the fitters made me feel comfortable during my appointments.

While I can’t speak from experience on these, you can also try Bare Necessities, PourMoi and Curvy Kate for virtual bra fittings.

For my virtual fitting, I wore the bra that I thought fit me best and we walked through the specific indicators of if it was a properly fitting bra or not.

The fitting was all done by eye and the fitter was able to recommend sizes and styles based on the shape of my chest.

For your virtual fitting, all you need is to be wearing a bra! It helps to have good lighting and a camera set up that allows you to be hands-free. You’ll want space to move around to show the back, sides and front of the bra.

I tried the Wacoal bra fitting app and it did not work for me. My typical bra size is a 36J UK and it measured me as a 42D. I would suggest staying away from apps and work directly with a person.

How to Know if You Have the Right Size:

If your bra gaps, the first thing you should do is a good swoop and scoop of tissue to the front of the bra. If it’s still gapping, it could mean that you need to go down in your cup size or that you need to try a different style of bra.

On the flip side, your cups could be too small if you are spilling out of the bra on the top or sides (as seen above on the left). It should be smooth from the bra to your bare skin.

Your bra band should feel snug and only be able to be pulled out about an inch off your body. If you can pull further than that, try a smaller band.

Cup Conversions:

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