Tried and True Tips for Wedding 

Dress Shopping

Wedding dress shopping can be stressful. Here are 12 tips for making the process go as smoothly as possible!

Do Not Crash Diet: First off, crash diets are never a good ideas. Second, you should be trying on the dress at your normal size.

Wear Nude Bra + Panties:  I highly encourage you to wear nude or white undergarments because you’re trying on white dresses!

Start the Day on the Right Foot: Turn on your favorite playlist, do a face mask, make a tasty breakfast… By setting the mood for your day, you’re way more likely to enjoy the process!

Speaking of starting your day… Of course be sure to do the normal brush your teeth, shave, put on deodorant, etc! You’re going to have stylists all up in your business all day.

Be Open Minded: Be prepared to try on dresses that are outside of your comfort zone. This was the most important piece of advice given to me before I started trying on wedding dresses.

Bring a Scrunchy or Hair Tie: Trying on clothes can get really warm, so don’t be afraid to throw your hair up if your body is heating up!

Pack Snacks!: Have some granola bars, pretzels, apples, etc, in the car to munch on between wedding dress shopping locations.

Quality Over Quantity: Quality over quantity when it comes to who comes with you! You want honest opinions and a few people to help you during the experience, but you don’t need 10 different opinions coming at you.

Think About Your Feet: I got lucky because I’ll be barefoot or with tiny sandals on a beach… But if you’re going to be in heels, bring some with you!

Take Photos: Be sure to take photos during your wedding dress shopping experience! I think it makes a huge difference to see a dress in the mirror vs see it in photos.

Know Your Budget: Before going wedding dress shopping, know your budget. Even if it’s not an exact number, have an idea on what you can spend on the dress.

Shop For Your Shape, Not Your Weight: Your weight is going to fluctuate between the day you try on your dress for the first time to your wedding day, but you shape is going to stay the same.

Trust Your Gut, But Sleep On It: If you think you’ve found a dress that you love, trust your gut! It can be so overwhelming to keep trying on dresses wondering if something out there is better for you!

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