What is the Hype About

Equilibria CBD?


What Is Equilibria CBD?


Equilibria CBD is a high quality product that is customized to your needs. It’s made of products that help us with stress, anxiety, focus, sleep and more.

Does it Contain THC?


Equilibria’s industrial hemp is bred to contain less than 0.3% THC. This isn’t enough THC to give you any psychoactive effects.

Does Equilibria CBD Work?


When I was taking their soft gels daily, I noticed I was substantially less anxious and even less emotional over what would usually cause me to break down in tears!

About the Products


SOFT GELS: The soft gels are absorbed through the digestive system for a slow release of the CBD. This helps your body build up a storage of CBD, providing long-lasting relief.

DAILY DROPS: Some people take the CBD dropper daily (like I do the soft gels), while others use it as-needed. The full doppler is 10mg, so half would be 5mg.

RAPID CALMING MELTS: The melts are mint-flavored and each one is 5mg full-spectrum CBD. They’re meant to be used as-needed in addition to your daily CBD routine.

RELIEF BALM: The Relief Balm has been really helpful for me after working out and with tender muscles. I’ll use the Relief Balm to help calm down sore muscle tissue, especially with my knee after physical therapy.

MINDFUL MINERAL SOAK: I use the CBD salt in baths when I’m feeling extra anxious and need some time to myself. The CBD salts also come in handy when my body feels tense from stress, cramps and injuries.

BALANCE BATH BOMB: Each bath bomb is 50mg of full-spectrum CBD to help you relax in the tub. There are two different bath bombs that come in your package- one has essential oil blends of Lavender Lemongrass and the other has Cardamom Rose.

DAILY TREATMENT OIL: The Daily Treatment Oil nourishes and renews deep into the layers of your skin. It features 500mg of full-spectrum CBD to moisturize and heal along with powerful oils like Sweet Almond, Litsea, and Olive Squalane.

DYNAMIC ROLLER DUO: Per Equilibria, each roller is crafted with 75mg of full-spectrum, premium CBD to relieve pressure points, regulate mood and ease topical discomfort.

Where Is Equilibria CBD Made?


Equilibria CBD is made on a 1,100-acre farm in Colorado and their products are 100% organic without any fillers.

How Do I Start Using CBD?


Equilibria offers a few different bundles of products. I personally suggest you try the subscription for 2-3 months to save some $$$.

How Expensive is Equilibria CBD?


I would be prepared to spend $45+ a month on soft gels, $80+ a month on soft gels + dropper, $100+ on packages that have drops, soft gels and topical.

Is Equilibria CBD Helpful For Women?


I think that it could be helpful for everyone to at least try to see if it works for them. But especially for women simply based on the fact that we have periods.

What Do Equilibria CBD Daily Drops Taste Like?


In my opinion they don’t taste good, but they don’t taste bad. It’s sort of a slimy oil under your tongue. There are flavors you can try, such as Mint. I much prefer the soft gel.

Does Equilibria CBD Show Up On a Drug Test?


It is highly unlikely, but it could. According to Equilibria, no members have tested positive for THC when using their products.

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