What to Know About Staying at the Balleyseede Castle

Hotel in Ireland


The Ballyseede Castle in County Kerry, Ireland is a great castle hotel to stay at in Ireland and here is what to know before staying there!

The hotel offers free WiFi, bag storage, coffee/tea maker, hair dryer, TV and water in your room, and complimentary breakfast in the morning

There are also book and DVD libraries on the bottom floor, should you want to watch a movie in your room or read a book in the garden.

There’s a beautiful garden on the 30 acre private property, which we highly recommend spending time exploring.

The lush greens, delicate flowers and backdrop of the castle make for an incredible backdrop for a special day.

One of the great things about staying at this castle hotel near Kerry is that you have the option to take a quick drive into town, or stay on the castle property to dine.

In the morning from 8-10am you can visit The Stone Room Restaurant for an Irish Breakfast.

Breakfast includes: juices, yogurt, cold meats, cereal and pastries on a buffet for you to serve yourself or locally-sourced produce, eggs and bacon, Irish cheeses, pastries and meats for ordering.

If you’re looking for lunch, happy hour and dinner option on property, Pappy’s Bar has you covered! The dress code is casual, you don’t need a reservation and it’s family friendly.

The O’Connell Restaurant at Ballyseede Castle is known for it’s Irish cuisine and locally sourced ingredients. For more info, swipe up to check out the O’Connell Restaurant dinner menu.

Overall, my husband and I both enjoyed the stay at Ballyseede Castle. However, it wasn’t quite what we expected it to be going into our stay.

We absolutely don’t regret our stay at the castle hotel, and we’re curious to stay at more castle hotels in the future to compare our experiences!

Getting to the hotel was very easy with the signage and our car GPS. There is plenty of parking right in front of the castle and it’s a short walk to get inside.

We explored the castle inside and outside during our stay. The garden was incredibly peaceful, even in the light rain, and gorgeous to look at.

Inside was was elegant and magical, from the marble fireplace in the lobby as you walk in to the cozy room with a piano and couches to enjoy.

The room itself was very spacious with plenty of room to spread out, which was a treat after some smaller rooms we had previously stayed in during the Ireland road trip.

One night was the perfect length of stay for us to enjoy the castle and some slower pace time together on our honeymoon.

If you’re staying at the castle for a few days, I would recommend venturing into Kerry to explore a bit.

If you’re doing an Ireland road trip like we did, it’s about 40 minutes to the Dingle Peninsula and 1 1/2 hours from Limerick. It was the perfect stop between these areas for us.

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