Comforting Self Love Podcasts

on Spotify

Listening to self love podcasts can help boost your self esteem and self confidence. Here is a list of the best encouraging and comforting self love podcasts on Spotify to listen to this weekend!

Podcasts About Self Love



Mary’s Cup of Tea: Mary goes in hard and covers topics ranging from body-acceptance, mental health, feminism, relationships, and more!


On Purpose with Jay: In On Purpose, Jay shares fascinating conversations with his guests that dive into how to live life “On Purpose.


Project Love Podcast: Give this self love podcast on Spotify a listen for a major life boost!


Mood: Lauren offers episodes centering around her current moods and isn’t scared to tell you exactly how it is.


UnF*uck Your Brain: This podcast is said to be perfect for high achieving feminist women who’s biggest struggle is self doubt.


Teal Swan: This self love podcast dives into real life conversations about how to find freedom in your life and live more authentically.


Exactly with Florence Given: The conversations are quite laughable and you’ll find yourself enjoying every second of the Exactly podcast episodes!


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