Mental Health Conversation


Mental health support podcasts are like free therapy but the best ones are mental health podcasts with free conversation. Here are some of the best conversational mental health podcasts!

Conversational Mental Health Podcasts



Mental – The Podcast to Destigmatize Mental Health: Through candid interviews and personal stories, “Mental” sheds light on various mental health topics.


Mental Illness Happy Hour: This podcast engages in open and vulnerable conversations with guests who share their personal experiences with mental illness, trauma, and emotional struggles.


Depresh Mode: Depresh Mode is a candid and entertaining podcast hosted by comedian and mental health advocate John Moe.


Dear Therapists: You will find relatable stories, expert guidance, and practical tools to navigate life’s challenges and enhance your emotional well-being here.


The MadHappy Podcast: Each episode features candid conversations with guests from various backgrounds who share their personal experiences and insights.


On Our Minds with Ashley and Tyler: Listen to candid conversations about their own journeys with mental health, as well as a wide range of topics related to well-being, self-care, and life’s challenges.


The Hilarious World of Depression: In this candid and compassionate show, John interviews people who share their personal experiences with depression and mental health challenges.


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