Mental Health Podcasts by Mental Health


Mental health support podcasts are a great way to boost your happiness and learn more about your mind and these mental health podcasts by therapists are like getting free therapy tools!

Mental Health Podcasts by Therapists



The Happiness Lab: Dr. Santos presents cutting-edge research and real-life stories to uncover the secrets to leading a happier and more fulfilling life.


Therapy in a Nutshell: Therapy in a Nutshell is a highly informative podcast that will likely offer you new tools for managing your mental health.


The Positive Psychology Podcast: The Positive Psychology Podcast explores the science of happiness, well-being, and personal growth.


The Hardcore Self-Help Podcast: Dr. Duff tackles a wide range of mental health and self-improvement topics.


The Trauma Therapist: Guy explores different trauma treatment models, cutting-edge research, and personal stories of healing and resilience in each episode.


Dear Therapists: You will find relatable stories, expert guidance, and practical tools to navigate life’s challenges and enhance your emotional well-being here.


LatinX Therapy: This show explores various mental health topics through a culturally sensitive lens, with a focus on the Latinx experience.


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